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Disclaimer:  we do not vouch for the reliability of the information you receive from other websites; rather, we want to give you a sampling of the information available to you on the Web.  Please be a cautious consumer!


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Internet Resources:


Local (Washington state) organizations


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Internet Resources


Information about Grantwriting


The Foundation Center is an incredible site of news, articles and links at Grantmaker Information section links to over 4,800 grantmaker sites.  The site includes a “proposal writing short course,” a prospect worksheet for foundations and corporations, and free online learning labs in grantseeking, putting a budget together, reading a 990, and more.’s Nonprofit Section:  Lots of information about writing grants, starting a nonprofit, and other pertinent nonprofit-related topics:

Charity Village  includes some articles about grant seeking.

Delaware Nonprofit:  Lots of great fundraising links, including information on evaluation and outcomes, links to funders, and information on grantwriting:  Created by Elizabeth Brunner, a fund raiser and consultant in San Luis Obispo, Calif., this website offers advice on grant seeking -- including how to gather information about grantmakers and craft letters of inquiry and proposals. The site also provides links to other websites on grant seeking.

Writing a Successful Proposal: These tips from the Minnesota Council on Foundations includes answers to common questions, such as “What happens to my proposal after it reaches the grantmaker?” and “What should I do if my proposal is rejected?”

Paladin Group on Writing Proposals: Outlines the standard components of a full proposal, including the budget and attachments.

Proposal Planning & Writing:  A short version of the full-length book.  Gives a good overview of the grantwriting process and the pieces of a proposal:


Sumption & Wyland has a great list of grants-related web resources:


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Prospect Research

Mainstream newspapers and press releases from nonprofit organizations often provide insight into the funding priorities of targeted prospects, with far more detail than you might find in typical lists of grant recipients. In addition to investigating the grantmaking guidelines of foundations and corporations as institutions, grantwriters often research biographical information about the original benefactor, foundation trustees, program officers, and corporate executives.

Guidestar:  Source for 990s from grantmakers.

Grantsmart:  More 990s from grantmakers:

The Foundation Center (see above).

Cecilia Hogan’s website (Univ. of Puget Sound):

The Council on Foundations:  The site offers links to web sites maintained by foundations that are members of the council, as well as to associations of grant makers and to philanthropy research centers worldwide.

Internet Prospector:  This Web site provides the current and back issues of the Internet Prospector, an on-line newsletter that offers news, advice, and links to Web sites that help fund raisers use the Internet to gather information about foundations, corporations, and individuals in the United States and abroad. The site also features an annotated compilation of the links that have been reported in the newsletter.

Zimmerman Lehman:  provides articles about fund raising. Topics discussed include how to use the Internet to gather information about donors, foundations, and businesses.

Grantsmanship Center  Lists daily announcements of grants from the Federal Register and provides contact information for community foundations and links to international grant makers. Articles on grant seeking, fund raising, and non-profit management -- originally published in The Grantsmanship Center Magazine -- are also available on the site.

David Lamb’s prospect research page:


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Federal Grants is the central access point for most federal grants:

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Programs is a compendium of over 1,400 federal programs, grants, loans, scholarships, and services.

The Federal Register:

The Grantsmanship Center has a section on federal funding:



Charity Channel: Grants Forum:  Charity Channel hosts over 200 public and private forums related to non-profits and fund-raising.  They also publish electronic newsletters.

Charity Channel:  PRSPCT-L  
Charity Channel is also now hosting this forum on prospect research issues.

PSGA’s listserv:  See the Puget Sound Grantwriters Association website at .  The listserv is open only to PSGA members.


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National foundation and corporate prospect research:


The Foundation Directory

National Directory of Corporate Giving

Corporate Foundation Profiles


Washington state specific directories:

Philanthropy Northwest Member Directory (now only available as an online database)
2815 Second Avenue, Suite 290
Seattle, WA  98121
(206) 770-9423


Washington Foundation Data Book

C&D Publishing

1017 SW Morrison

Portland, OR  97205

(877) 924-7268


The Washington State Charitable Trust Directory
Charities Division, Secretary of State
P.O. Box 40234
Olympia, WA  98504-0234
(360) 753-0863


Books about grantwriting

Mary Hall and Susan Howlett, Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals, Fourth Edition, Portland State University, 2003.

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Local (Washington state) organizations for grantwriters and fundraisers:

Puget Sound Grantwriters Association (PSGA)
2150 North 107th St., Suite 205
Seattle, WA  98133-9009
(206) 367-8704

Northwest Development Officers Association (NDOA)
2150 North 107th St., Suite 205
Seattle, WA  98133-9009
(206) 367-8704

The Nonprofit Center
1501 Pacific Avenue, Suite 320
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 272-5844

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