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Starting a Nonprofit Organization

Disclaimer:  we do not vouch for the reliability of the information you receive from other websites; rather, we want to give you a sampling of the information available to you on the Web.  Please be a cautious consumer!


Do you really want to start a nonprofit organization?  What are the questions you need to ask of yourself and others?  What should you have in place before you begin to provide services or begin a grantwriting program?  The links below will take you to sites (in a new window) that can help you answer these questions:


The Foundation Center's section on references for starting a nonprofit organization is excellent.  There are a number of resources here, including a tutorial that describes the 12 tasks you will need to accomplish to start a nonprofit organization:


The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has a great page on starting a nonprofit organization.  There is a checklist of forms you'll need, templates for bylaws and articles of incorporations, a list of alternatives to consider, and a discussion of the stages of development that a nonprofit goes through:'s nonprofit section has information about starting a nonprofit, including a definition of "nonprofit," how to start a nonprofit, and frequently asked questions about the subject:


The Free Management Library has a section on starting a nonprofit organization:

Also check out their page of great links about business planning for nonprofits:


Here's a great outline of a business plan for nonprofit organizations from the

Community Technology Center Network:


Idealist has a helpful section dealing with new nonprofits:


Whatcom Nonprofits also has a page on starting a nonprofit organization:


The Grantsmanship Center has a helpful page on starting a nonprofit corporation:


Form1023Help:  Helpful information about filing for 501(c)(3) status:


Information from the IRS about exemption requirements for nonprofit organizations:  h


Here's great article from the Free Management Library about Founder's Syndrome (read this!):


The National Center for Charitable Statistics has a wealth of good information about nonprofits and philanthropy, as well as good definitions of nonprofit terminology:


The Free Management Library has a helpful section on finances for nonprofits:


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