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Services Offered

Rozen Consulting and Design can provide the following services for nonprofit organizations:

Frequently asked questions are available here.

Rates are $90 per hour for grantwriting, prospect research, planning, coaching, and web design.  Please contact us for a rate quote for half-day or all-day trainings and presentations.

Although we are located in Washington state (in the Tacoma area), we enjoy working with organizations throughout the United States.

We view our work with you as a partnership.  Together we strive to achieve your organization's goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.


We are happy to help your nonprofit organization with identifying funding sources (see "prospect research," below), prioritizing grant prospects, preparing letters of inquiry, writing grant proposals, and writing reports.

Shelley Rozen, president of Rozen Consulting & Design, has written hundreds of successful grant proposals for a number of organizations.  She can help you design effective grant proposals, from a two-page letter proposal, to a 50-page federal grant proposal.

Please keep in mind that your organization must be ready to write grants (see FAQs page), and you must already have some degree of support from your community.  In addition, you must have information available that can be included in the grant proposals.

Please note:  We do not do grantwriting for individuals or for-profit businesses except in rare occasions.  For example, if you are a scientist applying for a research grant, we may be able to help you, or if your business is wanting to contract with the government and is answering a Request for Proposal (RFP), we would be happy to discuss grant opportunities with you.  There are generally not grants available to individuals (unless you are a student applying for an educational grant, or you are an artist or researcher), and there are also not many grants available to start businesses, even if you are a woman, a minority, disabled, etc.  We also do not work on a commission or contingency basis.

Prospect research

Sometimes the most challenging aspect to grantseeking is determining which funders to approach.  We can research prospective funders for your organization and individual programs, then provide you with a comprehensive spreadsheet listing the funders, their deadlines and method of initial approach, dollar amount to request, and similar agencies who have received grants from that funder.  We will also rank funders as to their likelihood of funding your organization.

Fundraising planning

It's difficult to move ahead in a strategic and coherent fashion without a written, well-thought-out plan.  We can help you design an annual plan for grantseeking, and/or for all your development activities (special events, direct mailings to individuals, board training, newsletters, etc.).

Coaching staff

We are happy to discuss our coaching services with you.  Coaching is appropriate if you have a staff member or volunteer that wants to learn grantwriting or improve his or her grantwriting abilities.  We can help the person get started, review and/or edit grant proposals, and/or advise you on how to improve a proposal that is turned down.

Web design

Web design services are available for nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, and individuals. 


Shelley Rozen is available to teach grantwriting, fundraising, and strategic planning classes to representatives from your organization, consortium, or community. Full-day, half-day, and shorter classes are available.  Please contact us for a rate quote.

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